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Auto insurance quotes are your guide to finding affordable coverage

Everyone should know the best way of finding affordable coverage is to shop around. SImply picking one insurer and buying from it is trusting too much to luck. You should ask for auto insurance quotes from as many insurers as possible and compare the terms on offer. Only when you have reviewed multiple quotes can you say with certainty what represents a good value-for-money deal.

Insurance is only available from a company in the state where you reside
The law is very strict. There’s no such thing as federal insurance. You can only buy from an insurer in your own state. There reasons for this are:

  1. local insurers know local conditions and can assess the risks more accurately;
  2. your own lawmakers can impose regulations to protect you;
  3. the local Insurance Commissioner is closer to you and more directly accountable.

That’s why you are asked to confirm the state where you live — you may be visiting this site from a different state. Once you confirm the state, the site contacts local companies and you can ask for car insurance quotes.

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