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In this day and age it is not hard to come across people with bad credit, as the debt load and the global recession has reached a point where only the rich aren't suffering from bad credit. Unfortunately however, most of the bare necessities you need in life require good credit. Or at least you can expect to pay less in life when your credit is in good shape. But that's just not the norm anymore in America, and it can seem incredibly unfair that those with the most financial problems wind up paying more for things because of their credit situation. Many Americans are finding this crunch hit them with their auto insurance as more and more insurance companies use credit reports to determine auto insurance premiums. Some people can't even get insurance if they have bad credit. Or at least they think they can't. Here we discuss how to overcome the hurdle of bad credit when it comes to auto insurance.

As unfair as it may seem if you have bad credit and are looking for auto insurance, the fact is that insurance companies base their rates on statistics. Statistically speaking, drivers with bad credit are 40% more likely to file auto insurance claims than drivers with good credit. So while it may seem that you are being dinged for having bad credit, the truth is that you are being dinged for all of the bad credit claims that have gone through your insurance company before you started looking for a policy. This is why in many cases, those with bad credit can see hikes in insurance ranging from 20-50% over their good credit counterparts.

That's the bad news. The good news is that not every insurance company will ding you for bad credit, and not every insurance company uses your credit report as a predictor for your rates. So it really is up to you to find the insurance company that will work with you, and not against your bad credit situation. Many people know how important it is to shop around for auto insurance companies if they want the best deal. When it comes to drivers with bad credit, it is even more important.

The other good news with insurance today is that due to the issues in the economy, the business is more competitive than it ever has been. This is where the importance of comparison shopping will truly show up in reduced rates for you. Many people with bad credit are so thankful to get a quote from an insurance company as they've been denied or declined by others. So they settle on the first quote they get. But if there are several insurance companies willing to offer you auto insurance, despite your credit situation, signing up to the first quote you hear will not always save you money.

When you find an insurance company that is willing to provide a policy for you, regardless of your credit situation, you can alleviate future financial issues or dings to your credit by creating the most affordable policy. Again, this is where shopping around and comparing auto insurance quotes with insurance companies will work in your favor. Add deductibles to your policy to lower your premiums and drop types of coverage that you may not need such as collision or comprehensive. Furthermore, you can get further discounts on auto insurance quotes if you consolidate all of your insurance policies with the same provider. At the end of the day, knowing that you are more in control will always help you save money on insurance. Even if you have bad credit, searching and comparing auto insurance quotes will always be the easiest way to save on auto insurance.

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