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J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Study and Auto Insurance Quotes

One of the primary reasons drivers switch insurance companies is because they are no longer satisfied with some aspect of the customer service provided by the insurer. It could be the insurance provider has a slow or complicated claims process. Perhaps the insurer has developed a reputation for disputing claims, increasing rates unnecessarily, or being unwilling to respond to customer complaints or questions. Drivers are often unwilling to pay higher premiums for poor customer service.

About J.D. Power and Associates

J.D. Power and Associates is a marketing research company established in 1968. It collects and analyzes data for various industries including the insurance industry. The company also conducts a variety of surveys related to customer satisfaction and different aspects of the U.S. automotive industry. Surveys measure factors including vehicle dependability, dealership service, and customer satisfaction. Research reports are used by industry experts and consumers alike to make car decisions and insurance selections.

2013 U.S. Auto Insurance Study

A recent report published by J.D. Power and Associates suggests that customers are increasingly dissatisfied with insurers. The primary reasons for this include:

Each of these two customer satisfaction measures declined by 13 points compared to the previous year. The study also examined claims, billing and payment, and interaction between consumers and insurers. Satisfaction with these factors declined as well but not as much as rates and policy offerings.

What Study Means for Insurance Customers

These outcomes are important because 2012 saw customer satisfaction at an all-time high. Although general customer satisfaction is still higher than in previous decades, its drop from the prior year may benefit drivers using auto insurance quotes to find a new policy. The higher the rate increase, the greater the likelihood a driver will switch insurance providers. Nearly 35% of drivers who experienced an increase in premiums in excess of $200 will get auto insurance quotes from other insurers in order to find a cheaper policy. Insurers may offer discounts for switching to them.

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