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Auto insurance quotes and preparing for a storm

As a country, we're actually quite good at forecasting the weather. Every television and radio station carries regular messages warning us if there's going to be too much rain or snow or anything more violent. But this raises the question. What are we supposed to do about all these warnings? Well, here are a few ideas starting with the most basic. If the weather is going to do something dramatic, do not attempt to drive in it! The first problem is being able to keep your vehicle in the road and traveling in a straight line. If there's snow and ice, you can at least see the problem and slow down. With black ice, you get no visual warning. The first you know about it is when you expect to turn to the left or right, but find yourself going straight on. There's a moment of helpless resignation as you realize what's happening. You usually have time to prepare yourself for the crash.

With water on the road, the first risk is hydroplaning. Again, this is where your vehicle loses its connection with the road and just goes straight on. Unless, that is, there's a cross-wind blowing in which case, you hope to keep going straight on but find yourself drifting off the road. Should there be flooding with the wind, there's the danger you plow into deeper water and hit a submerged object. It can be tree branches blown down or anything else picked up by the wind and dropped out of sight. Remember, if the winter conditions or flooding are widespread, the emergency services will have their hands full and it could be hours before they get to you. This makes it essential you have some emergency provisions in the vehicle. Start with blankets to keep warm. A light may be useful and, if the battery is fully charged, a car charger is good to keep your cell phone working. Some dry food can keep you going until you are rescued. Hopefully you can stay in the vehicle. Having a good amount of gas can keep the engine running, but be careful. There's a risk, if the air is still, that carbon monoxide from the exhaust can rise into the passenger compartment. If you have to abandon the car, warm clothes and sensible shoes will take you to safety.

More generally, you should always keep the tire pressures checked and ensure a good set of windshield wipers gives you a good view of the road through rain, sleet and snow. Have good road maps available so that, if you find your usual way blocked, you can navigate around the problem. If there are floods, always head for high ground, remembering everyone else will have the same idea. With good warning, start an evacuation run early. It may be a good idea to keep a go-bag packed if you think an emergency is likely.

Being prepared means will survive and can make any claim necessary to recover any losses. If the claim is a big one, next year's auto insurance quote may be higher but, when you look at how much you were helped, it's a small price to pay for peace of mind. Auto insurance quotes are the least of your worries if a hurricane is coming.

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