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Auto insurance quotes rise in line with theft rates

Insurance companies collect a vast amount of data about everyone. As a general survey, they collect data from all the public sources and the insurance industry itself also operates as an information exchange. That way, all insurers have access to a mass of statistical information about your lives and how they relate to the risks of a traffic accident. In addition, all the policyholders who have accidents send in detailed claims. Put all this together and the insurers become experts on all aspects of vehicle ownership and all the things that can go wrong. In most cases, the insurers keep this information to themselves. But Progressive has been exploring its own data and to help explain the risks of vehicle theft, it has just released detailed statistics showing when the risk of theft is highest and which states have the best and worst recovery rates.

When are vehicle most likely to be stolen?

The three top months are:

It seems the car thieves come out on to the streets when the weather is warmer. Or perhaps the average American drives more when the sun shines and leaves the vehicle casually in places where it can more easily be stolen. The highest rates of theft are recorded on Sundays.

Which are the best and worst states for recovering stolen vehicles?

This is a function of the amount of money allocated by the state and cities to the specific function. In states where recovery is given a high priority, the auto insurance quotes for comprehensive coverage will be lower because the losses are lower. If you live in a state which fails to track down stolen vehicles, your auto insurance quotes will come in high. The worst states are:

The best states are:

How can you protect yourself?

Here are some simple rules:

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